Lou Heckler, an amicable professional speaker, needed a brand that was as engaging and entertaining as his keynote speeches. His engaging style and entertaining delivery not only delights audiences but helps build leadership and teamwork skills within organizations. We wanted to reflect his years of experience, humorous style and friendly personality in all of the design collateral, particularly the logo. All of Lou’s presentations are fast-paced, experience-based and loaded with generous quantities of good, clean humor. His memorable stories and immensely likable style encourage and empower those who hear him to make productive changes in the way they handle their daily tasks. The final branding needed to be powerful, likable and professional. We developed a mark that can stand alone as a symbol, creating a more laid back feeling or be paired with typography for a more professional look. The final logo and brand collateral is clean, professional and the bright red not only commands attention but gives the assets a little something extra.