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Hello there! And welcome to Branding 101. This is a mini blog series where I go in depth into little topics that can make a HUGE impact on your branding, how you’re perceived by your clients and the success of your business. Why should you read on? Because I’m an award winning Freelance Brand Designer with over a decade of experience branding for businesses big and small. I’m here to help and share my branding prowess with YOU!

LESSON 3: Understand Your Audience

When you’re building your business it’s so easy to fall down a branding rabbit hole. Sometimes you have an idea of how things should be but you haven’t stepped back to look at the whole picture. It’s time to take that step back and make sure you’re building a brand that excites and delights your clients. I always encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to get into their client’s head. To fully understand your audience, ask yourself  some questions: What do they like, how do they think, where do they spend time? Define your specific niche and focus on that, don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades. No business can be everything to everyone.

Sit down and clearly define who your target audience is. If they prefer coffee, don’t advertise in a tea shop. If your client has a love of water or the ocean, perhaps an images of the desert isn’t a good idea for your website. Your branding should build a connection between your offerings and your clients needs and wants. The stronger the connection, the more successful the brand.

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Understanding your audience is one of the most important aspects of brand strategy. Your brand can’t be built for you, it has to be built for your audience. So take the time to do your homework, learn what you can from the data and design with your client in mind.

Thanks for reading and happy branding!