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Why do I need a Professional Graphic Designer, again?

So many business owners that I talk to completely UNDERSTAND the importance of hiring a professional graphic designer but when they see that big fat price tag hanging off of a clever, talented, formally trained designer…they panic! (Even if the portfolio is stunning!)

Most worry that the designer won’t be able to replicate exactly what’s in their mind or that deadlines will be hard to nail down, or worse, just fly right by without so much as a sketch.

So is it worth it to pay a professional graphic designer? (Even if you think you can do-it-yourself!?)


As business owners we wear a LOT of hats! (…not, THAT old adage again…) But it’s TRUE, there are hundreds things we have to focus on, get done in a day and stress about (even when we’re trying to relax.) And, I hate to break it to you, we’re not always in a position to be superwoman….

So, why take on ONE more thing, why try to design a logo or Facebook banner or create a brochure ALL BY YOURSELF?

(Here’s a few famous last words…)

  • “It’ll just take me a minute…”
  • “I already know what I want, I’ll just do it myself…”
  • “I just can’t see paying that kind of money…”
  • “I just need it done, right now…”
  • “I don’t have time to mess with a designer..”

These are all excuses that I’ve heard from fellow small business owners – people who are SMART and ambitions and understand the incredible value of their time…

So when is the right time to hire a professional graphic designer?

#1 – When You’re Wasting Your Time…(and That Means Money…)

You may think you “know” photoshop and you might even have a clever eye, but your superhuman talents lie elsewhere. You don’t need a professional graphic designer for every single status update (sites like Canva do make it easy to create simple social media graphics on the fly, but you’re getting boxed results…nothing custom). Having a professional graphic designer that you can rely on for bigger projects FREES UP YOUR TIME to focus on the THINGS YOU DO BEST.

#2 – Professional Graphic Designers get it done FAST!

Professional graphic designers are trained to be of service WHEN you need us. You could waste HOURS trying to design a landing page or “hulk smashing” your way through a business card design…and still not get it done right. If you’re working with a professional graphic designer, just hand them a detailed brief and they can generally put your ideas into action in a fraction of the time, even without being on your full-time payroll.

#3 – Designers Can *Almost* Read Minds…

In most cases, a professional graphic designer can interpret what you’re saying, even if it doesn’t really make sense (even to you!) It is always best to provide a sketch or inspiration, or at least a quick brief, but a GREAT graphic designer has a 6th sense about these things…sometimes it might even feel like they’re reading your mind!

#4 – We’re a Unique Hybrid of Creativity and Practicality…

Worried about getting it done “yesterday?” Designers understand you need to get things done. Sure, there’s a creative process, but a well-trained designer can balance their inventive nature with deadlines. Professional graphic designers are even willing to work weird hours (if you’re uber nice to them) and on impossible deadlines. (Just don’t make that the norm!)

#5 – Designers Provide More Than One Solution.

Sure, a professional graphic designer might know what you say you want, but they’ve also got a mind of their own. A great designer will give you options and show you ideas you may not have even thought of, they might even “WOW” you!

As a professional graphic designer, formally trained in Branding, Website development, Photography and Illustration, I serve a wide range of clients all over the world. From online web design to print and publication design, photo editing and custom illustration, I’ve probably done it all. When you’re ready to find out how GREAT your small business’ brand can look, go ahead and contact us, we’re happy to schedule a consultation for you!