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I met Danielle of Jerdan Photography back in 2010 while at a photography conference. She and I had lunch together and we got to talking about her business and how it just wasn’t going how she had expected. After about 45 minutes we parted ways with each others business cards in hand and a few days later, I got an email.

Danielle had told me that she had been attracting clients who were price-sensitive and were looking for cheap, digital files rather than large, beautiful family portraits. Her style and skill were amazing, definitely worth a pretty penny, but somehow the wrong message was being communicated through her existing brand.

After we chatted for a little while, we developed a plan that would tell her brand story, about how her and her fun-loving husband combined their names and personalities to build a photography business that was all about capturing fun, spontaneous and sugary-sweet moments and turn them into heirlooms for families.

The resulting logo and design elevates the brand with whimsical patterns, unique typeface combinations and fun colors that sets Jerdan Photography apart in their niche.