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Meet Betsy, a Creative Mastermind


So glad you’re here. Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Betsy. I’m a creative mastermind. In short, I’ve got 10 years of experience as a brand designer and I’ve helped more than 100 businesses create logo designs, business cards, websites, brochures and more! I’m particularly skilled at creative print design and brand strategy development.

I’m more than just a “pixel rockin’, mouse clickin’, ctrl+z” ¬†kind of gal. There’s so much more to the creative process than a vision and a computer. I love to explore all that art and design can be by getting my hands dirty, playing with paint, brushes, charcoal, and good old fashioned pencil and paper. It’s what makes me different from a lot of other designers out there who are afraid to make mistakes they can’t immediately undo with a few keystrokes.

Photo of a graphic designer and expert business strategists desk. Full of books and pens and other creative instruments.

An Expert Graphic Designer & Your Brand

How does this apply to your brand? Well, when I sit down to develop a brand for you, I do my homework, sketch my heart out and use my knowledge of human psychology to create a brand as unique as your business.

Your brand is probably the most important part of your business. It’s how you look, feel, speak and relate to your clients. It is your products, your services, your website your marketing. It’s everything that you’re all about.

You are the best choice, you provide the best service, your products are top notch, there is no question about it…but how do you convince your audience? By hiring a creative mastermind to develop a strong, cohesive brand.

I’m Betsy, a Creative Mastermind here to tell your story. Developing brands for other ambitious entrepreneurs is my passion (and, I’m pretty darn good at it.) ¬†I like to know everything there is to know about you and your business, because after all, that’s what branding is all about. I’m eager to explore new ideas for your businesses brand and create something amazing for you.

So, now you know my story, tell me yours. Let’s create something awesome!


Check out my portfolio for more projects, designs and inspiration.

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