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It’s midnight y’all and I can NOT sleep. My little graphic designer brain is going a million miles an hour and I’ve been laying in bed, thoughts whirring, trying to figure out how to calm my brain down.

Seriously Brain…we will take over the world tomorrow…geeze.

I am certainly not the first entrepreneur nor am I the only that has this problem. Throughout the day work was done, dinner was made, chores were done and dogs were fed, but for some reason, at 11:00 PM…THAT’S when our brains decide to hit the gas and come up with brilliant solutions to problems we’d long forgotten.

Now, you’ve got 2 choices here.

Choice #1….Use the mandatory, late-night-idea notepad & pencil you stash in your bedside table to jot these ideas down. Maybe, if you get them onto paper the ideas will stop swirling around up there. But…if you’re anything like me, this will just lead to yet another coffee-fueled-all-nighter because your brain doesn’t want to calm TF down.

Choice #2? Take a metaphorical chill-pill…


Meditation is not about a spiritual journey or enlightened experience. It is just a simple tool to help you turn down the volume a little.

There are so many positive effects of meditation, but for entrepreneurs like us it can really be beneficial and help:

  • reduce stress
  • relieve tension
  • ease anxieties
  • remove distractions
  • relax your mind
  • focus your attention

When you add meditation to your daily routine, just like exercise it can have a profound impact on you.

Stress, tension and anxiety can limit our productivity, problem solving abilities and creativity. Whether you think you’re creative or not, those creative thinking skills are important when it comes to running your business. If you hit a mental block head on and keep pushing, you’re only smashing your head into that obstacle over and over.  It takes creative thinking to come up with creative solutions. And all that creative thinking can help your productivity.

You know why Adult Coloring Books are so popular? They are a very simple form of meditation. Surprisingly enough, those little coloring books can help you focus your attention, relax, de-stress and be creative! That’s just one of the many ways you can build meditation into your day.

There is no, one right or wrong way to meditate. Just make sure that you’re in a safe and quiet environment. Then all you have to do is breathe.

Tips and ideas for your next meditation session.

Disconnect & Slow Down

First of all…I know we’re all busy and have things to get done, but just like exercise…you have to build meditation into your daily routine. Block off time to dedicate to your meditation and free yourself from distractions.

This means having your husband take the kids to the park, turning OFF your cell phone and email and getting yourself situated in a quiet place.

Get Comfy

I always recommend a seated position either at your desk or in a comfy chair, but you can lie down, too. (If you’re trying to relax yourself into sleep…go ahead and curl up in bed!)

The goal is to get your body relaxed, so don’t contort yourself into some odd position. Sit straight up with your arms in your lap, go ahead and lean your head back if you’re on the couch or lay, face up as flat as possible (no pillow) arms relaxed to your side.


Once you’re comfortable, start to focus on your breathing and relaxing your body. It’s probably going to feel tedious at first, but intently focusing on your breathing helps you get into a relaxed and meditative state.

Counting as you inhale/exhale is a great way to keep your mind focused. Slowly breathe, in and out, deeply. Count to 4 each time you inhale/exhale and don’t let your mind wander!

Add Rhythm

Whether it’s the deep inhale/exhale of your breathing or you choose soothing music or nature sounds to aid in your meditation, find some rhythm. There are also great, guided meditations that can take you deeper into meditation.

Warm Up

At first you’re going to feel a little awkward, it might even seem silly…like you’re trying to will your body into relaxing, but it’s worth it. You might only meditate for a minute or two your first time. Each time you meditate, go a little deeper and further clear your mind. If you feel yourself slipping back into reality a little too soon, start counting as you inhale/exhale again to focus your mind on the meditation.


Meditation can change how you feel and think. Even a few minutes can help you tackle that ever-growing to-do list with a clear and focused mind. It just takes a few minutes to help you slow-down and clear away distractions. So give it a try, and let me know what you think.


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