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3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Ads

You’re probably familiar with social media marketing and you probably know you should be including them in your marketing mix, but you may not know where to start.

Believe it or not, all your actions, posts and ads that go through social media are part of your brand, so these need to be done right. I’ve got a few tips for creating engaging, interesting and click-worthy social media ads.

Hire a Graphic Designer to Help You Create Beautiful Social Media Marketing

#1 – Create a Point of Interest

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds are FULL of images and ads, so in order to help yours stand out, create a point of interest. Typically this is some typography or maybe even a hero image of your product.

How do you create a point of interest? Have the subject of the image point or look to some typography or create an arrow or call to action that uses an interesting shape or bright, contrasting color.

Hire a Graphic Designer to Help You Create Beautiful Social Media Marketing

#2 – Use Images to Drive Your Idea Home

Images are worth 1000 words, and in the digital age, that’s never been more true. Use dynamic images that support the message of your ad. Images that show exaggerated expressions or depict something a little out of the ordinary can get someone to stop scrolling and pay attention to what you have to say.

The goal with social media marketing is to capture someones attention and create a feeling that eventually leads to a click. Whether you want someone to purchase a product or just learn more about your business, dynamic social media ads are a critical first step!

Hire a Graphic Designer to Help You Create Beautiful Social Media Marketing

#3 – Ask a Question or Make an Offer

This may seem straight forward, but remember that your ads are talking to real people. People want to know “what’s in it for me…” so be sure to ask benefit-focused questions or make them an offer they can feel good about.

By “talking” directly to your audience it makes the entire ad experience more personalized especially since social media ads can be highly targeted to a specific group. It’s a good idea to split-test different offers, questions and images to see what works best for your particular audience.


BONUS – Check Your Work

It’s ALWAYS important to double check your work. Make sure your alignments are pixel perfect, your images are crystal clear and especially make sure there’s no typos!┬áChecking your work does take a little extra time, but getting all of those tiny details RIGHT can have a huge impact on your brand.


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